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"They Said, 'The Violin Can't Be Taught on DVD'... I laughed, and Then Set About Proving Them Wrong"

Introducing a Revolutionary Way to Learn to Play the Violin - from Opening the Case for the First Time, to Mastery - And You Needn't Leave the Comfort of Your Living Room!

Dear Friend,

Clayton HaslopIf you're reading this, it's pretty certain you have an inborn affinity for the violin. I do too. For me it's partly the heart and soul-penetrating tone, partly the thrill of playing the greatest music ever written, and partly the super-conscious state I'm in while playing. In short, of all the activities I've enjoyed in my life, none has held a candle to the depth of experience I've had from playing the violin.

What I'd like you to know is, there has never been a better time than RIGHT NOW to begin realizing your dream of being 'a player.'

Before going any further, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Clayton Haslop, founder and president of Violin Mastery. I have performed on the soundtracks of well over 1000 movies, often as concertmaster, and toured worldwide as soloist and chamber musician. Over the last two years I have developed several best-selling DVD courses on violin playing geared toward intermediate and advanced players. I receive numerous emails a day from satisfied customers around the world about the great strides they have made in their playing as a result of working with Violin Mastery programs.

Mr. Haslop,

"I own both your Kreutzer and the Bach/Kreisler DVDs and I just have to tell you one more time how fantastic it is to have these phenomenal tools at my disposal.

I used the Kreisler to prepare for a huge performance a few months ago, and not only did your DVD and email advice enable me to perform the Praeludium and Allegro better than I ever have, but I have been able to consistently improve upon my performance! I had to play it at church about a month and a half after the initial performance and I found that just by using some of the basic principles you outlined, especially breathing through the parts that I considered most difficult, it not only sounded fantastic but became almost effortless!!! I got a huge standing ovation, something that I have almost NEVER gotten playing classical music.

Anyway, please consider this email as kudos to you. I had to let you know that I look forward to reading your correspondence each time it arrives. Thank you for the invaluable work that you are doing."

Nikki Glenn

Now I am doing the same for people like you, who have to date only dreamed of playing the violin.

One of the questions I've encountered over and over when speaking with adults is; "I've heard that you can only get good on the violin if you start really young, and practice many hours a day. Is this true?"

No, 'tis NOT true. Unfortunately there are many misconceptions regarding playing the violin, and they've scared a good many folks away! Let's take a look at the Big 3.

The 3 Biggest Myths About Learning The Violin

The largest and most unfortunate myth is that you must begin to study at a very young age to 'get any good at it.' Well, let me tell you something. That is a lot of unmitigated bull, and I ought to know.

In my four decades of playing and teaching the violin I've worked with many, many fine players who picked up the instrument for the first time as an adult. The secret to their success may be found in the creative use of the mind to learn the skills required. In a nutshell, many adults have allowed the greatest tool we carry in our brain - imagination - to atrophy.

Once the creative mind is reawakened and focused using the innovative techniques I will share with you, results appear like magic.

Myth Number 2 concerns the ability of the adult body to adapt to the basic playing position. Well just consider this, have you seen what 'grown-ups' are accomplishing in yoga studios around the world these days?

In exactly the same way, the secret to mastering the violin playing position as an adult is one of relaxation. Maxwell Maltz, founder of Psycho-Cybernetics, said - "Once difficult, now easy." And when you know the relaxation inducing power of proper breathing, the 'once difficult' will seem a distant memory.

Finally, Myth Number 3 concerns the amount of time you must dedicate to practicing. Naturally the more you practice the more rapidly you can improve. Problem is, many students, young and old alike, don't know how to practice correctly. As a result, they waste a great deal of time - time that COULD be spent improving their technique.

You can accomplish a great deal in as little as an hour a day of focused practice. And by focused I'm talking of practicing which leaves you feeling more relaxed, energized, and excited to be alive than when you started.

Chances are, once you're fully in the 'playing habit' you'll be sad when your allotted practice time ends each day.

Now that the myths surrounding the difficulty of learning the violin as an adult have been put to rest, let's take a look at the tremendous benefits that come your way once you pick up a violin.

Dear Clayton,

"This has been wonderful. I can't wait to finish the dishes and get the violin out. The magic is back---. I will endorse this series to anyone. In our small towns, there are not too many violin teachers. We have to drive to Milwaukee or Chicago to study with a world class teacher. (If you have ever driven the Dan Ryan Expressway, you know that all good vibes and transcendence acquired from a teacher evaporates while dealing with rush hour (-: )

We are blessed with a resource and conduit in the person of Clayton. (I think I will skip the dishes and practice!)"

Lizbeth Getman
Williams Bay, Wisconsin

Dear Clayton:

"I've reviewed your teaching and performing DVDs which I ordered recently, and I'm very blessed to have you as my violin teacher at this stage of my life. I was a scholarship student of the late Mr. Berl Senofsky at Peabody. I'm now a violin teacher and a Christian pastor in LA. Because of my role as a minister I appreciate more of your way of teaching violin with the spiritual touch. Thank you and God bless you and your family!"

Geng-Chung Lai
Los Angeles, CA

10 Health and Well-Being Benefits as a Result of Putting a Violin in Your Hands

Yes, I know I'm preaching to the choir here. But there may just be a couple of benefits to playing that you DON'T know. And what's the harm in refreshing your memory on all the great things music can do for you?

  • The sound of the violin is closest to the human voice, and touches the soul more directly than any other instrument.
  • Playing the violin activates more areas of the brain simultaneously than just about any other activity known to man - maybe MORE than any other activity.
  • Playing the violin can be a complete and fulfilling experience without the participation of anyone other than yourself.
  • Playing the violin can also be a team sport where the team can be as small as 2 persons or as large as a symphony orchestra.
  • Playing the violin makes you a participant in the greatest music ever composed - now that gets MY blood pumping!
  • Playing the violin induces the flow of 'joy juice', powerful endorphins that lift mood and create feelings of well-being.
  • Playing the violin is a powerful form of meditation, and increases your ability to focus in real time. In short it is an INTELLIGENCE-BUILDING activity.
  • Playing the violin sends beauty into the world and can touch lives on a profound level - and no, you don't have to be Jascha Heifetz for this to happen.
  • Playing the violin opens up a whole new way of exploring your body, heart, and mind. In other words, the potential for self-development is off the charts.
  • Playing the violin increases coordination and manual dexterity.
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Dear Clayton:

"I read your ad in String magazine and will be forever grateful that I ordered the Kreutzer course. I was practicing, but knew that I needed help with my playing. I was deceived in thinking that because I travel so much and my schedule was so full that it was impossible to connect with a teacher for instruction to improve my technique. I now carry your instructional DVD's and CD's on my video iPod and watch and listen to them while I am waiting in airports, on flights or riding the train. I look forward to my practice time each day as I pick up my violin and apply what I have listened to earlier in the day.

I have made tremendous progress in the area of relaxation and my practice techniques. My playing has really begun to improve. I highly recommend your course to violinists.

Thank you so very much for the work that you are doing."

Grace and Peace,

LaDonna Taylor
Austin, TX

"PS. The emails that you send are wonderful. I am always delighted to see that I have a new email waiting from you. I know before I open the email that I will be enlightened in some area of my life with my violin."

Mr. Haslop:

"We want to thank you again for your teaching. The way your teach not only shows you are a great teacher, but also a kind hearted person with a kindled spirit.

The insights you put in the news letter and DVD course greatly inspire us and I can see my daughter playing with a bigger sound, counting better, and vibrating better... We will stay tuned to hear your new ideas."


Yiqun Ding
Wellington, CN

Dear Clayton,

"Your DVD instructions are superb."

Dr. Varat


How The Violin Mastery for Beginners Circle Realizes Your Playing Dreams

Once you have become a subscriber to The Violin Mastery Beginners Circle you will receive a package from me on your doorstep every month. Inside will be a DVD containing a lesson, with practice assignments, for each of the four weeks in the month. Along with the DVD you will receive music and written notes to accompany the lessons.

In your first installment I will include a BONUS - a special DVD with segments about all the parts of the violin; how to tune your instrument; violin maintenance and repair; and everything else a first time player needs to know. From time to time I will include additional surprise Bonus DVDs in your monthly package.

There's one more important part to this unique program. As a subscriber you will have special access to me through my newsletters and via e-mail for you to send me questions and feedback on the lessons. I will not only use this address to answer your personal questions, I will also post special newsletters from it that apply directly to the material you are working with each month. Having this kind of personal access to me alone will be worth the monthly membership fee!

Don't have an instrument with which to get started? No problem.

See my links page for recommended sources of violins for beginners and professionals alike.

Altogether, You Get $132.90 Worth of Powerful Information Given to You Every Month!

Excerpt from Month 3 - "Introduction to Vibrato"

Let me summarize the incredible offer I've made to you.

As a member of the Violin Mastery Beginners Circle you will receive the monthly instructional DVD, the music and written notes that accompany the DVD, a bonus DVD which gets you up to speed on all the ins and outs of violin upkeep and care, my bonus CD of piano acccompaniments, and answers to your questions via e-mail. - all just $63.99 $51.17 per month.

You may cancel your membership at any time as long as 15 business-days notice are given in advance of the following month's issue.

Why Today Is The Best Day To
Initiate Your Violin Adventure

The obvious reason is simple: you've always loved the violin and wanted to play it. But even better, the offer I am going to make for all of the above will never be repeated!

The Violin Mastery Beginners Circle is for intelligent, self-motivated doers with a passion for the violin. Don't miss this opportunity to participate. Sign up NOW. I promise, you will not regret it.

My students are living proof that my program works - and so am I. Let's make sure you're part of the clan as well.

I promise you this: I will go the extra mile for you. I will deliver more than what I've promised you.

So make a choice to be a DOER. Transcend yourself. Become a part of the Violin Mastery Beginners Circle - today.

Click the button below and enroll NOW.

All the Best,

signed Clayton

Clayton Haslop

P.S. Yehudi Menuhin once said, "To make great music you must keep your eyes on a distant star." Well, in some sense this may be true. But to learn the violin well today you've only to keep one eye on your mailbox each month... and practice!


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