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"Clayton Haslop is a highly sensitive musician with a superior command of the instrument and a presence and projection that mark the real soloist."
San Francisco Chronicle

"The Mendelssohn Violin Concerto... turned out to be, in Clayton Haslop's affectionate and effortless reading, an earnest showpiece of virtuosic display. Haslop offered refinement and delicacy, and demonstrated an ideal give-and-take with the orchestra. Ornaments were tossed off exquisitely; in this as in all other regards, Haslop showed unflagging taste."
The Los Angeles Times

"You'll not hear sweeter, more delicate, more fluent, more flawlessly tuned string playing anywhere."
The Kansas City Star



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"World-Class Violinist, Concertmaster, Soloist and Chamber Musician Teaches You How To Play The Violin - In The Comfort Of Your Living Room!"

Dear Friend,

Clayton Haslop and Michael lGiacchino at recording session for RatatouilleWelcome to my life altering, mind-body-finger strengthening, violin mastery website. If effortless playing is what you are looking for, you've come to the right place. After just a few minutes looking through my site you'll understand why violinists of all ages and stages benefit so much from my Beginner's, Intermediate, Advanced and Professional instructional DVD courses.

Also, be sure to sign up to my daily Violin Secrets e-newsletter. I give you tips on playing, sneak peeks from Hollywood's scoring stages - and best of all, it's FREE.

My name is Clayton James Haslop. I've lead the orchestra from the concertmaster chair for Avatar, Titanic, Ratatouille, Star Trek, Up,
The Incredibles, Benjamin Button,
The Matrix
movies, A Beautiful Mind, Mission Impossible II, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and Apollo 13. In fact, check out The Incredibles DVD where I am interviewed on one of Hollywood's scoring stages.

In three decades as a professional violinist I have performed on the soundtracks of well over 1,260 films - often as concertmaster and solo violinist. If you watched the 2009 Oscars you will have seen me lead the orchestra and perform the violin solo for James Newton Howard's Defiance during the presentation for Best Original Score.

But don't assume I have only been a commercial violinist.

In addition to my life as one of Hollywood's busiest recording artists I have traveled three continents as a soloist and member of three recognized chamber ensembles; released several CDs; served as Concertmaster of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, Pacific Symphony and Los Angeles Music Center Opera; taught on the music faculty of two colleges; given masterclasses at numerous universities, schools of music, and public schools in North America and abroad; and maintained a small private class of students. In short, as a classical violinist, I have done it all.

Now it is time to share it all! The instructional DVD courses and Seminars I offer benefit beginning students through active professionals. The gold you will mine in these DVDs draw on my 33 years of 'front line' professional experience - as well as from three mind and finger bending years of intimate coaching with the legendary Nathan Milstein.

DVD and video courses are much less expensive than private lessons, plus they make great gifts for that budding violin virtuoso in your family. We know it hasn't been an easy year for many folks, especially musicians - so we've reduced our prices to "recession friendly" levels for all products.

And now, I invite YOU to join the many hundreds of violin lovers benefiting from my unique methods today. The results you're looking for are literally just a few key strokes away.

May the Force of Music be with you!

signed Clayton

Clayton Haslop

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FREE Violin Mastery Tips
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Clayton Haslop

"Experience the Incredible
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